The goal of the architectural competition is to obtain the highest quality architectural solution which will meet the functional requirements for the teaching process in accordance with modern methods of work, and the possibility for further development and improvement of teaching. Functionality, flexibility and economy are basic features of the future structure’s use.

The architectural solution should be a harmonious part of the recognizable structure of the historical-urban whole of Kosančić's wreath. The achievement of a high standard in terms of microclimatic conditions and structure maintenance, with as low CO2 footprint as possible from construction and use, it is necessary to achieve:

- the unity of the structure’s architectural and energy concept and the rationality of the proposed structure, its construction and the costs of its exploitation,

- the improvement of the quality of social life of students, teachers and researchers within the building and its immediate surroundings,

- connection with immediate surroundings,

- adequate development of open and green areas.